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Gradescope Basic
/ student per course
For solo instructors who want to ditch their red pens and grade faster online with the original version of Gradescope.
/ student per course
For teaching teams seeking a faster, effective grading experience with the original version of Gradescope.
Gradescope Complete
/ student per course
For individual instructors who want to grade faster and better understand what students learned.
/ student per course
For teaching teams who want to streamline grading and increase consistency with shared rubrics.
Custom Pricing
For institutions needing LMS integration and advanced analytics.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of high quality education.
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Grade a single set of assignments in parallel with collaborators without risk of error or redundancy.

Use Gradescope with your entire teaching team.

Tag questions with learning objectives, and view class-level performance by objective.

Manage regrade requests quickly online.

Easily export grades and rubric item data in CSV format.

Effortlessly track when students submit even after the deadline of an assignment.

Import rubric items and grading settings from another question.

Group similar rubric items together, provide more qualitative feedback on a sliding scale, and better communicate how points are awarded/taken off.

Grade all similar answers at once in Gradescope-created groups.

Hide identifiable student information in the grading workflow.

Automatically and manually grade programming assignments.

Detect similar code passages between students.

Let Gradescope automatically grade your bubble sheet assignments.

Type comments directly on student submissions.

Duplicate a course and its assignments.

/ student / course
/ student / course
/ student / course
/ student / course
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Assignment Statistics
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Import RubricsFor Gradescope Basic courses, importing rubrics is restricted to courses within the same term.

For Gradescope Basic courses, importing rubrics is restricted to courses within the same term.

For Gradescope Basic courses, importing rubrics is restricted to courses within the same term.

For Gradescope Basic courses, importing rubrics is restricted to courses within the same term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required to sign up for Gradescope?
No. Start using Gradescope for free by signing up here.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a risk-free 30 day trial. If you have used the product for 30 days or less and aren't happy with it, reach out to us and we’ll refund 100% of your payment.
How can I try the Complete version of Gradescope?
Contact us, and we'll set you up with a trial.
How do I know if I'm one of the first five users to sign up from my school?
Sign up for Gradescope or - if you're an existing user - send us an email at, and we'll let you know!
What do you mean by 'term' in the trial length?
A term is typically a semester or quarter and depends on your school's academic calendar. If you use a different calendar, your trial will last for one full academic year.
How can I use Gradescope if my institution is short on funds?
We want everyone to have access to Gradescope and offer grants to ensure that can happen. Contact us to learn more and to apply.
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